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Today every product's end-user expect a certain level of visual sophistication and intuition. Trends across numerous markets are now proving that the modern consumer now places as much value on form as they do on function. Unfortunately, many companies still think of their user interface as an afterthought - by saddling their products with poorly-rendered cookie-cutter interfaces, they diminish the perceived value of their product in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Make no mistake, a product's UI makes the most important impression on the consumer - the first impression.

WPF mortgage application Mortgage application developed in WPF

It's a mortgage application that has a lenders content management system and brokers electronic mortgage applications. The challenge was to create an interface that would be more user friendly and to make it more attractive for the clients, these kind of applications are just data entry just a lot of labels inputs and submit buttons, the solution was to create for the user a workflow that it’s easy for the user to remember and easy to use without any training and to display only e necessary information to the user at a point in the workflow.