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Browse through our themes (WPFSilverlight or Xaml Icons) and choose one that fits your application. We have also a free xaml template, theme that you can play with it, just click here to download it.

After we receive your payment via Paypal, you will receive an e-mail with the download link for your purchased theme.

After downloading the theme, just add it to your project and you are done. For more information on this go to the help section.

Featured products

Windows 10 Metro Dark Theme

Mimics the Windows 10 dark theme
€32.00 €29.00

Windows 10 Metro Light Theme

Mimics the Windows 10 light theme
€32.00 €29.00

Windows 10 Metro Dark & Light Theme

Mimics the Windows 10 Dark & Light Theme
€48.00 €42.00

Dark grey and orange

€21.00 €19.00
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